Academic Prerequisites

Sergeants Major Course Academic Prerequisites


The below PDF is for students who will attend the resident Sergeants Major Course. Please follow the step-by-step instructions in this document to complete the requirements before arrival.
Note: Only students with Army Knowledge Online (AKO) accounts will be able to access all of these requirements.
Sister services who do not have AKO access will need to contact AKO and sign-up for an account. International students will receive an AKO sponsorship, and access, during the pre-course. The surveys, leadership assessment, and courses will be used during the SMC course. The in-processing orientation phase at USASMA is very busy. Failure to complete these necessary prerequisites ahead of time will only make your in-processing time longer and much more stressful. Completing the requirements ahead of time will alleviate that from happening.
Students will need to log-in with AKO credentials for the Global Assessment (GAT) and Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF). The VIA Signature and Character Strengths survey and Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) are web-based and must be completed prior to arriving to USASMA.

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