To assist in the development of a world class Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS) that produces NCOs capable of thinking systematically and strategically to lead Soldiers into combat. To provide relevant training products and educational opportunities to prepare NCOs to function within the operational environment variables and mission variables. To embed emerging technologies into curricula to train NCOs on what they need throughout the globe. Analysis is a collaborative effort and is successful when SMEs, Soldiers, instructors, task performers, and supervisors provide needed input.


To provide Curriculum Development & Education (CD&E) with guidance on conducting training analysis utilizing the ADDIE process in compliance with TRADOC Regulation 350-70 and associated TRADOC Pamphlets. To assist the Directorate of Education in providing effective training products while maintaining standards of consistency in the team’s analyses capabilities, products, and services. To further assist as a valued member of the CD&E team to affect the training development process by making specific recommendations to improve and sustain instructional strategies and training products. To place emphasis on meeting the needs of the Army by providing a thorough assessment of enlisted leader development programs.


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