Department of Army Operations

DAO Chief Instructor
SGM Melissa A. O’Brien
DAO Senior Instructor
Mr. Terry Branan









Department of Army Operations (DAO) ) is part I of the military science program and the foundation for the SMC.  The students in the DAO will study the tenets of Unified Land Operations, Flexibility, Integration, Lethality, Adaptability, Depth, and Synchronization.  The DAO will educate the Army’s Senior Enlisted leaders to ensure they are prepared to lead America’s principal land force to seize, retain, and defend land areas in order to create the conditions for favorable conflict resolution.  The students in the DAO exercise the principles of decisive action while embracing the Army’s core competencies of combined arms maneuver and wide area security through mission command.  This allows them to plan to control terrain, populations, and natural resources, and provide forces for long term area security operations abroad, including initial establishment of functioning governance, pending transfer of this responsibility to other authorities.

Informational Video

Coming Soon! This video will give students and interested stakeholders and overview of the department and what to expect during the school year.

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