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Mr. Charles Guyette Director</strong
Mr. Charles Guyette
SGM William (Boe) F. Gentry
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The mission of the Directorate of Education (DOE) is to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate educational and training curriculum for the Army’s Noncommissioned Officer Professional Military Education (Common Core) in an ever-changing transformational learning environment and to support the Army’s mission in developing leaders. The directorate supports the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy in developing, educating, and training critical thinking, problem solving, agile, adaptive, and innovative noncommissioned officers and Soldiers. The directorate builds upon and integrates a versatile mix of educational capabilities and learning models to strengthen the Army to meet the challenges of decisive action under unified land operations.


To help develop the NCO of 2020 and beyond by producing curriculum that prepares noncommissioned officers to work through complex problems and succeed as part of any unit while contributing to strengthening the force. We will strive to enhance the U.S. Army’s ability to learn fast and adapt quickly to maintain that competitive advantage while keeping pace with technological change and the educational evolution of our Army’s accelerated learning environment.


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