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SGM Eugene B. O'DayCourse Manager
SGM Eugene B. O’Day
Course Manager

Sergeants Major Course

This course provides the Army with self-aware and adaptive senior noncommissioned officers of character and competence with the skills to shape the joint operational environment, overcome the friction created by uncertainty, and operate in an ambiguous environment.

Resident Course

The Sergeants Major Course (SMC) consists of an initial foundations phase, followed by rotations through each of the five core areas/departments: Force Management, Joint Environment, Army Operations, Leadership, and Training and Doctrine.

Nonresident Course

The SMNRC consists of three phases delivered via an internet based virtual classroom and a traditional classroom setting. The program of instruction (POI) requires students to complete Phase I within 12 months, Phase II within 6 months, and attend Phase III in up to 6 months.

Structured Self-evelopment Level VI

In development.

Course Manager

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Spouse Leader Development Course (SLDC)

This course prepares spouses of enlisted Soldiers for leadership positions in the military community. Areas of study include human psychology, human relations training, and leadership development which includes personality types, conflict management, protocol, public speaking, communications, Learning Style Inventory, effective listening, team building, family readiness group training, benefits and entitlements, and health awareness. A combination of lecture, discussion, and small group experiential learning are the basic instructional techniques.

Commandants Pre-Command Course (CPCC)

A course of instruction designed to prepare SGMs and CSMs for positions of greater responsibility as commandant of a Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA). Major subject areas include resource management, TRADOC Quality Assurance Program (QAO), Training Requirements Analysis System (TRAS), and training management. Emphasis throughout the course is on the assigned and inherent duties and responsibilities of an academy commandant.

International Military Student Pre-Course (IMSPC)

The emphasis of the International Military Students Pre-Course is to ensure that international noncommissioned officers can comfortably and adequately integrate into an American military educational environment and confidently interact with American military students during the Sergeants Major Course (SMC). The pre-course includes classes in writing, briefings and presentations, and an overview of the SMC. The International Military Student Office also helps students integrate and succeed during their time at NCOL CoE & USASMA.



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