Information Technology Prerequisites

All students reporting for in-processing at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) are required to complete the below listed Information Technology online training. Students can verify their training on the Army Training and Certification Tracking System (AT&CTS) website. If students have not completed the training listed below they must have printed copies of the listed training course certificates during day one of in-processing. Failure to have completed or provide these certificates will delay student in-processing. The required training can be accessed from the links below:

  • 1. AT&CTS — Please register if you do not have an account in ACTS. If you have an account, move it to USASMSA Class 66 using the link below:
    To move your ATCTS Account follow these instructions:
    ATCTS Account Move
    To register your ATCTS Account follow these instructions:
    ATCTS Account Registration
  • 2. DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training and test. View and digitally sign the Fort Bliss AUP (see link below), once signed, please upload the document into AT&CTS under your profile in the AUP area. All SMC students must complete this training no sooner than 30 May 15. This will ensure your training does not expire while you are in class.
    Directions: Click the link above, and click the “Launch new course” link, follow the instructions and complete the training, take the test and print the certificate. This certificate must be not older than a year upon the day of in-processing.

The link for the AUP is Fort Bliss AUP v1_1

  • 3. ATLAS — Every year the incoming class roster is uploaded into our Army Training and Learning Assessment system. Upon upload you are enrolled in the incoming class and will receive an email asking you to log in to ATLAS. Your first time in you will presented with an enrollment wizard that will ask you a series of questions for data that we need while you are at the Academy. Please complete the wizard as soon as you can.
  • 4. Prior to PCS — Each student MUST ensure that their NIPRNet Network Access Account is deleted from the losing Network Enterprise Center (NEC). Disabling the account at the losing NEC does not allow us to create the account at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. If you have an Enterprise Email Account (i.e. ensure it is not disabled by the losing NEC. If you do not currently have an Enterprise Email Account we will request one for you when you in-process.



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