Mission Command Training Branch



To provide subject matter experts for mission command instructions. To create a full spectrum environment including joint, interservice, interagency, and multinational. To provide the mission command tools and systems to meet the educational goals of the courses under USASMA’s purview.


USASMA’s MCTB will remain the premier Mission Command Training Branch among all the Centers of Excellence both military and civilian. We will continue to provide subject matter experts in all four functional areas within the MCTB. We will continue to find innovative ways to ensure that the same MC capability and instructions are delivered to Soldiers and leaders regardless of their location. We will stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology and the latest advance in distributive methods. Virtualization is the start of this technology not the end state.


To support the education of leaders in the fundamentals of mission command and staff operations to increase knowledge and experience with decision making skills and command and control technologies used during full spectrum joint, interagency, and multinational operations. To support the Army as a subject matter expert for mission command and battle staff training. To provide technical oversight of instructions and coordinate the video teletraining reach capability for USASMA leader education. To provide a test bed for emerging command and control systems and cutting edge MC instructional technology, including virtualization and advances in Civilian or Government off-the-shelf hardware and software.


Director: SGM Theodore Brock (915) 744-6336

Site Lead:  Mr. Javier Martinez    (915) 744-2371

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