Plans & Operations


The USASMA Plans and Operations Section provides skilled planning and execution oversight of all Academy functions and events. We meet organizational, student, staff, and faculty needs through comprehensive analysis of academic and administrative requirements; applied expertise in plans, policies, and procedures; and proactive implementation of effective solutions that are responsive to our customers’ needs.


To provide unexpectedly receptive, programmable support to Academy personnel and departments; and effective, efficient, and transparent management of Academy activities.

Department Priorities

  • Family Programs and Activities. Any activity, task, or action that supports or furthers.
  • Calendar Maintenance. Forecasted and correctly annotated on ALL applicable calendars.
  • TASKORD/OPORD/Mission Analysis. Clear, concise, and complete.
  • Product Development. Accurate, complete, internally reviewed, timely, and IAW established formats.
  • Execution Oversight. Safety First! Systems mastery and IAW established SOP.


  • Internal and External Task Management
  • Training and Schools Management (i.e. AR 350-1 and External Courses)
  • Facilities Management, Scheduling, and Maintenance
  • Current Operations and Special Events execution
  • Battle Rhythm Management (incl. VTC and briefings)
  • Liaison with Fort Bliss (e.g. Task Action, Briefing Requirements, RFIs)
  • Operations Orders, SOP, Contingency Planning, Organization Inspection Program
  • Master Activities scheduling and coordination
  • Cooper Lecture Center (Auditoriums) audio/visual operation
  • USASMA Safety Office and Programs
  • Security Program execution (e.g. personnel clearances, OPSEC AT/FP, crime prevention)
  • Human protection oversight of health research projects

Department Imperatives

  • Respect. Mutual and professional; Listen and withhold judgment; Make an effort to understand;
  • Communication. Constant; Think, who else needs to know(?); Make engagements count.
  • Anticipation. Initiate actions required for future success; Forecast future effects.
  • Organizational Familiarity. Academy-wide knowledge of who does what and why.
  • Ultimate Attitude! “Good enough” is the arch-enemy of excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses other than the Sergeants Major Course (SMC) are
offered at USASMA?

In addition to the resident SMC, USASMA also runs a Non-resident SMC, the First Sergeant Course (resident and VTT), the Battle Staff NCO Course (resident and VTT), BNCOC Common Core (VTT), and the Spouse Leadership Development Course.

How would another unit go about requesting the usage of one of USASMA’s auditoriums? Although USASMAs course load places heavy demands on each of our two auditoriums in the Cooper Lecture Center, units may contact (915)744-6743 to coordinate usage on open dates. Openings are very limited and are subject to cancellation based upon the needs of the Academy.
Should I wait until I get to the SMC to initiate my clearance upgrade or renewal? No. As you are probably already aware, security clearance processing is a time consuming process. Although clearance investigations may be initiated at the Academy, you must initiate the appropriate action as soon as you become aware of the need. Even if the investigation is ongoing while you are here, we can assist you as necessary to complete the process.
What are some of the events the Plans and Operations Section manage? Basically, the Plans and Operations Section coordinates and manages all Academy level functions and events such as graduations, promotions and awards ceremonies, formal dinners, baccalaureate ceremonies, special guest speakers, and Academy retirement ceremonies among other things. Plans and Operations also arranges the annual leadership off-site seminar and quarterly civilian luncheons.



COM: (915) 744-9069
DSN: 621-9069


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