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The Fort Bliss Noncommissioned Officer Academy provides exemplary academic and performance based evaluations in an instructional environment with the goal of developing agile, adaptive, and resilient leaders capable of solving complex problems and meeting the challenges of unified land operations in an era of persistent conflict, by educating NCOs and international partners in leadership and war fighting, as well as individual and team training.

Course Description

The Basic Leader Course is the first step in the Noncommissioned Officer Education System and represents a Soldiers’ first return to formal schooling after Advanced Individual Training (AIT). BLC is geared toward Soldiers preparing for promotion to sergeant. The

Staff Sgt. Brandi J. Stevenson
Instr of the Cycle


Fort Bliss NCO Academy’s BLC is a non-MOS specific leadership course that provides Soldiers with the basic tools to do what is expected of them as noncommissioned officers. Students are provided opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they are taught in a fast-paced and challenging atmosphere. They are placed in leadership positions and evaluated on their leadership abilities.

Course Dates

The below PDF document contains the FY15 schedule of classes for the Fort Bliss NCO Academy:


FY 18 Class schedule and Reporting Instructions

tradocFor more information contact the NCO Academy at: COM: (915) 568-2628.

Student Announcements

* Effective with class 01-16 all students attending Basic leaders Course are required to have Common Access Card (CAC) access to the Fort Bliss NIPR net. This is a requirement for use of classroom computers.


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